Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Things I Do On Thanks Giving

I go out of town and we go to my grandmas house and stay there all night and then we go to my other grandmas house and we have a giant feast and stay in Corpus Christi.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The things we did in technology today

Hi we learned how to use flash.And uploaded our mini games to my glife.And about to do test I am not struggling in any flash projects.We are still doing information technology vocabulary ii .Our learning logs are probably full by now.And we are doing pretty good about paying attention because when ever she asks us to do a assignment.No one would ever try to play games when shes not looking.Except for the trouble makers. we would always would have to use information technology every day.I think technology is the most easiest and funnest class in school.And we have to do research on how to do flash.And a worksheet on what to do.Adobe flash player. Adobe flash player is not very hard to use in fact click the link in adobe flash player to watch a video on "how to download adobe flash player".