Thursday, December 1, 2011


My topic is about solar energies.

The issue interest me because I have a great idea for a game.

I want people to know that the sun is a reliable energy source but it can also harm the atmosphere.

The issue needs to be addressed because most countries don't contribute to the idea of solar panels.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

March Of The Penguins

  1. Some of the challenges I saw were weather and how much food they have in their bellies.
  2. Their habitat challenges their livelihood because of the weather and climate.
  3. The adaptions they would need are a thicker coat and some sort of defense mechanism.
  4. I think its because the winter is so brutal. It gets very cold because there is no sun to warm penguins up.
  5. The climate change can make some newborn eggs die.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Playing to Learn, Genre:Adventure

1. The game or games that taught me a new educational skill or gave information on a subject:
2. The game or games that taught me about a new or existing social issue:
Super Chick Sisters
3. The game or games I liked best:
Super Chick Sisters
4. What happens in the game or games:
In Tredsylvania you play as a boy who hunts monsters but it teaches you A.T.V safety at the same time
5. How you play the game or games:
In Super Chick Sisters you use the left and right arrow keys to move and space bar to jump.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Playing to Learn Genre:Action

Action games are usually made up of characters that are fighting or engaging in violence, although they are not always violent.

Game that taught me a new educational skill or gave information on a subject:
Gravitee taught me about mass changes gravitational pull.
Game that taught me about a new or existing social issue:
Trapcat taught me about the stray cats in Austin,Texas
Game I liked best:
What happens in the game:
You have to click on kittens to save them and take them to the animal shelter.
How do you play it:
Point and click.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Gamers Solve Scientific Problems

How did gamers use the computer game Foldit to solve the protein folding mystery?
By building a molecular structure of the AIDS virus.
Who can participate in this problem solving and be a player in Foldit?
What can critical thinking do for science?
It can make more possibilities become certain than just looking for other solutions.
If you could solve a mystery through gaming for any kind of disease or illness in the world, what would it be? Mine would be Ebola because it was a man made disease and is still out there. I think it might have been made to not be cured.

Friday, September 9, 2011


How old were you on September 11, 2001?
3 Years Old.
When did you first learn about the attacks and who explained the events to you?
I recently learned about them because I was to young to realize the significance.
What kind of impact did these attacks have on your life or your parents lives?
It was like a wave of depression because all of those people died.

What was the issue with this game?

How do you feel about it?

What is the problem with portraying on such an awful violent event through a video game?

How can you make sure that your web games tell the whole story or teach a lesson in an honorable way?

Monday, August 29, 2011

2 Single Story 2011

"Danger of a single story"

  1. What does it mean to have a 'single story' about a place or community? It means to be prejudice about anything.
  2. Describe a single story you have heard told about your community. What is missing from that story? How could people learn more about that community?That we are all cowboys. What they are missing is the Imax theater and all of the good schools for game designers.
  3. Describe a single story you have heard about another community. How did you learn that story? How could you find out more about that community?I have heard about how "all 3rd World countrie's are poor" or all people in asia knows kung-fu. I could probably visit one to see how their everyday life is.

4. How could a game let players experience many stories about a place or community?

By putting you in their shoes in everyday life situations and seeing just how different they are.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

1 Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying

What is Cyber Bullying?
When you treat someone terribly on the internet.

What are different types of Cyber Bullying?
Ones that treat you badly out of jealousy and some that do it for fun and impersonators.

What should you do if your Cyber Bullied?
Tell an adult or a trusted teacher and parents.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

David S. #13 2011

1. What does the site teach? The site teaches how hard it is to be incorporated with the law. It also mainly teaches about civics. 2. How does it teach about civics? It teaches by using games,animation,and sounds. The cool thing is that it doesn't have a list of boring rules. 3. 1 or 2 things you liked about the site. I liked the games, they were entertaining and educational. Another thing I liked was the animations, they were smooth and fluent.

Monday, March 28, 2011

David .S #11 2011

The 3DS is the first DS system that you cant use R4 to hack it which is a great thing so now people will have to buy the games. Another cool fact is you play games on A.R cards but they have the sensors so targets pop out that you have to shoot. It also has a battery life of 3 hours whihc could be better. A cool thing about the controls is it finally has an anolog stick or fighter or shooter games. It also plays regular Nintendo DS games so you dont have to buy a whole new set of games.I really like the Nintendo DS lite and im pretty sure I will love the N3DS. Here is a picture I got it from

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

David S. #9 2011

I think the only we could help Japan is by having a town fundraiser since you would get a lot more quantities of money than in schools. I really want to help Japan since it will affect us financially and emotionally. It would affect us financially since we get half of our products come from them, it will also affect us emotionally since a lot of people from Japan move to America and the fact that we couldn't be their to help. Another idea is we could make the pet shop people sell pets half price of and send all the money they make to Japan.Because everybody loves pets and they would be helping Japan.I got this picture from

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

David S. #8 2011

"Next Generation Portable"

I think this will be a really successful device in the gaming world. The reason I think that is because it has a motion sensor and a touch screen with two analog sticks! Amazing right! Another reason is it has a lot of new titles exclusively for the NGP. It also seems to have a camera and a 3-G network. The maker of the PlayStation series said ,"It will be like a mini -PlayStation in your hands." I think this device will be exceptional in the eyes of the PlayStation system's fans.
In all I think the NGP is going to be spectacular! I got this picture from

Thursday, February 17, 2011

David S #7 2011

Mad Hot Ballroom

What does the word "Teamwork" mean to you?
I think teamwork means working together and in a positive way and not complaining about it.

How do you see these students trying to work together?
I see them dancing together and not horse playing and being professional about it.

How important was teamwork for these students?
Very since they are dancing like grown ups and some of them don't speak English.

What do you think is the main message that these students should take away from this experience?
How important team work is and how to work with other people

How will you work together with your teammates in Globaloria?
We will think of ideas for our game together and think of ways of how to improve them to the other team members liking

P.S 112,P.S 115,P.S 130,P.S 150

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

David S,6 2011

Mathman 2 and Math Olympics

Mathman 2 is about a guy that saves the planet with math powers but he has to solve them before he beats the monsters up. In Math Olympics you are playing as a charecter that has to do obstacles but if you want your charecter to advance in the game you have to do math problems.

Links to both games:

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

David S. 5 2011

Super Chick Sisters/J.Lo Bully On The Block

In Super Chick Sisters you take place as a chick that has a Mario hat and a mustache. There are two versions to the Super Chick Sisters, on version is where you are a bigger chick than the one with the red hat. I don't know if they are exactly "different" but you are a different character. The point they are trying to get from them to the player is that McDonald's and K.F.C are killing chickens brutally and not killing them in a peaceful way. In J.Lo Bully On The Block you are a civil rights activist and you are freeing animals and avoiding J.Lo and if you tell her workers how bad killing animals is then you will get more points.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

David S. 4 2011

The Wizard

At the beginning of the movie, Jimmy is walking down the highway. Where is he going?
He is going to California

What is the problem that the little boy, Jimmy, has?
He is Tramatized by his dead twin sister.

Jimmy likes to stack and build things. How does this relate to video games?
Because in video games you can add endless blocks.

Playing video games seems to help Jimmy feel better. Why do you think this is?
Because you only have to concentrate on the game and it would keep yourself occupied.

What makes him such an awesome video game player?
I guess since he can concentrate so well.

What kinds of games do you see being played? Have you ever played any games like this before? Yes I have. I Played a game called street fighter and it looks allot like double dragon. I've also played Ninja Gaiden its really complicated.

How many different game systems do you see in the film?
I only saw 2,the Arcade game and the NES.

What did you think about the Power Glove?
I think It started the Wii since you can control it with your hand by moving it.

Monday, January 24, 2011

David.S 2011 2.

Crayon Physics

It looks addicting already! I think that this game looks amazingly well planed out. It teaches you about physics without you even knowing! I like the fact that this game looks like it's a regular game but you are learning alot about physics. I really think this game looks brillliant but I havn't
played it yet .

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

David S. 1 2011

I think that it's a great idea now that Google is hosting a science fair and escpecailly now that it's only for kids! I could see myself in the contest because I have really great ideas. It would be thrilling to know that I would learn so much things from other students my age and I could teach other students what I know. My topic would be robotics and I would build the worlds first self igniting fire work.(If it hasn't been created!!)