Thursday, March 25, 2010

Working In Flash

Flash is very hard for me because I am not very good at remembering the codes.I wish less people would play around as much so I can concentrate better and Ms.Miller wouldn't have to get at them.Flash coding is important because what if you need to make your stick man talk you would need to put in voice codes.Try and take notes as much as possible and listen to the teacher and the videos that help us learn how to use flash.Distractions keep me from better understanding flash because I've learned that they usually start after the lesson is done and I can never hear what the flash tutorial videos are saying.The flash tutorial videos help me allot because they do the tutorial step by step and help me understand it better.I think a way I can understand better in flash is if I take notes and not talk while the teachers talking so I can hear what shes saying and not be a distraction to the class.I think that flash is fun and you get to be creative as possible and have fun.We had an assignment once to draw a house in flash and that was very cool.Flash might help me someday because it teaches me how to program in games and I think that would help me because I am going to be a game designer or a game maker so it would help me in future references globaloria should be in every middle school and high school.