Monday, March 28, 2011

David .S #11 2011

The 3DS is the first DS system that you cant use R4 to hack it which is a great thing so now people will have to buy the games. Another cool fact is you play games on A.R cards but they have the sensors so targets pop out that you have to shoot. It also has a battery life of 3 hours whihc could be better. A cool thing about the controls is it finally has an anolog stick or fighter or shooter games. It also plays regular Nintendo DS games so you dont have to buy a whole new set of games.I really like the Nintendo DS lite and im pretty sure I will love the N3DS. Here is a picture I got it from

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

David S. #9 2011

I think the only we could help Japan is by having a town fundraiser since you would get a lot more quantities of money than in schools. I really want to help Japan since it will affect us financially and emotionally. It would affect us financially since we get half of our products come from them, it will also affect us emotionally since a lot of people from Japan move to America and the fact that we couldn't be their to help. Another idea is we could make the pet shop people sell pets half price of and send all the money they make to Japan.Because everybody loves pets and they would be helping Japan.I got this picture from

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

David S. #8 2011

"Next Generation Portable"

I think this will be a really successful device in the gaming world. The reason I think that is because it has a motion sensor and a touch screen with two analog sticks! Amazing right! Another reason is it has a lot of new titles exclusively for the NGP. It also seems to have a camera and a 3-G network. The maker of the PlayStation series said ,"It will be like a mini -PlayStation in your hands." I think this device will be exceptional in the eyes of the PlayStation system's fans.
In all I think the NGP is going to be spectacular! I got this picture from