Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Epic Mickey

I think the game looks similar to another game, kingdom hearts 2. It looks allot more thrilling terrifying than regular old mickey cartoons. I think its great that people are using original ideas without copyrighting.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Strange days on Planet Earth

"Strange days on Planet Earth"

frogs can be boy and girls?

alien species becoming more common.

gross mutated fish eat leaves.

many termites come into city's there not supposed to.

The termites choose new Orleans to feed and stay because the climate.

Trying to get rid of termites with strips of wood.

Termites share food so maybe higher chance of survival.

boats bring new species from ships.

Up to two thirds of mammals may go extinct.

Climate change has an effect on children in cholera

A few degrees can change animals whole life?

Global warming is killing the seas little squid things plankton

Crabs can only withstand 2 more degrees of the seas temperature!

Dust is causing more asthma in Caribbean and killing sea fans and coral.

dust is blowing in the Caribbean from Africa

The decrease of predators lets more pests reproduce

People are building land and creating lakes for the animals.

The decrease of wolves in the yellow stone park throws the whole ecosystem

There was a decrease of trees to when the wolves were gone because the elk are eating them up.

lots of predators around the world are dying out and were trying to fix the food chain.

Most of the big predatory fish in Jamaica are dead.

Beluga Whales Are dying .

Animals are trying to tell us something.

The sea are more dirty then they seem?

The male frogs are turning into girls.

Mutated frogs are usually are in the water polluted with atrazine.

Scientist did a test and it came up positive that atrazine makes male frogs grow eggs.

Beluga Whales have a high rate of cancer because of water pollution.